2015 Treatments

Sig­nal book
circa 1780
Assessed Octo­ber 13, 2014
Quar­ter brown sheep tight­back sided up with mar­bled paper. No spine lin­ing or head­bands. Thick off-​​white laid hand­made paper in eight sec­tions, end­pa­pers con­tigu­ous with textblock. Index tabs cut through­out. All edges sprin­kled red. Sewn two-​​on over four cords, outer two laced into boards. Man­u­script through­out, in ink and pen­cil, with mar­gin rules in dilute ink. Water-​​insoluble illus­tra­tions of flags through­out.
Leather dark­ened and miss­ing much of grain layer on spine and board edges, with all edges exposed and de– lam­i­nat­ing. Spine has losses at head, tail, and cords, split in the sec­ond sec­tion. The boards are attached only by the cords, and the leather is lift­ing with losses on the cover along the joint. The upper slip on the left board is bro­ken. Boards deformed where the index tabs were cut. Tape and tape residue from a shelf­mark at the tail. There are two stab holes on the right board and through three gath­er­ings. The sewing is intact.

Sur­face cleaned and tears repaired. Leather con­sol­i­dated with Klucel-​​G® and lifted. Rebuilt cor­ners with linen fiber paste and cov­ered with toned Japan­ese tis­sue. Lined spine with tis­sue and patch lined with aero­cot­ton. The extended cloth lin­ing was pasted onto the boards. Re– backed with dyed repair calf. Lifted leather read­hered with Las­caux 498HV. Cre­ated four-​​flap enclo­sure.

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All the World’s Air­craft
Fred T. Jane, 1913, Lon­don
Assessed Jan­u­ary 13, 2015
Full blue starch-​​filled cloth case bind­ing stamped in sil­ver foil. Thin clay-​​coated white paper in 38 two-​​folio sig– natures. Page 96 cut out and reprint inserted. Addenda page oppo­site page 19d. Sewn all along over three cloth tapes. Black pho­tolith­o­graphs with Tang­mere Museum stamps in black ink through­out. Var­i­ous shelf­marks taped to spine: type­writ­ten, inkjet printed, and hand­writ­ten in pen­cil and felt-​​tip pen. Rem­nants of paper label printed in black ink on left cover.
Right joint is detached and left joint is loose. Cloth over right joint split except where it is held on with tape from shelf­marks. All cor­ners of boards frayed and delam­i­nat­ing except spine side of left board. Cloth on spine is fray­ing and torn, miss­ing head­caps at head and tail. Cock­ling at tail indi­cat­ing expo­sure to mois­ture or high humid­ity. Clay coat­ing adhered and skin­ning paper through­out textblock mainly toward the tail near spine edge. Page 168 cut leav­ing stub, taped on recto, patched with blue paper on verso. Pressure-​​sensitive adhe­sive tape on pages 167 and 27d.

Sep­a­rated and repaired pages, con­sol­i­dated cor­ners with wheat starch paste and cov­ered with toned tis­sue, re– moved tape, hinged reprinted page, reat­tached cut page to stub, Patch lined spine with cloth attached to boards under paste­downs, cloth reback.

Farn Island
Early 19th cen­tury
Assessed Jan­u­ary 9, 2015
Half leather split board case bind­ing in red sheep­skin and red paper over mill­board. Leather label on left board. Gold tool­ing on spine, label, and at edges of paper. Thick off-​​white wove paper in eight sec­tions, with three folios and one leaf stab-​​sewn through last sec­tion. Sewn all– along over three green parch­ment tapes. All edges gilt. Man­u­script in brown-​​black ink with pen­cil rul­ing and anno­ta­tions. Charts inserted oppo­site page 9, 61, and two oppo­site 109.
Dis­col­ored pri­mar­ily at foredge on cov­ers and through– out textblock. Leather heav­ily abraded and skinned, sides abraded and dark­ened with losses at tail and foredge. Miss­ing head­caps, all board edges exposed, cor­ners de– lam­i­nat­ing, leather lift­ing with losses. Right joint bro­ken but case intact. Cloth patch lin­ing attached to case but not spine at head and tail, cen­ter patches adhered to spine but split at joint. Right fly­leaf detached, first folio split.

Sur­face cleaned boards and textblock, con­sol­i­dated leather with Klucel-​​G®, mended paper, rebuilt cor­ners and board edges with fiber paste and cov­ered with toned tis­sue, hinged leaf around sec­tion, hinged end­pa­pers to textblock, lifted patch lin­ings and applied tis­sue and ex– tended cloth lin­ing, resewed all sec­tions includ­ing insert– ed gath­er­ing through fold, rebuilt head­caps with toned tis­sue, slit boards and inserted cloth as patch lining.